F1TV make feeble excuses as live stream bombs globally

A year since its much-hyped launch last season, F1TV is still struggling to deliver a stream to subscribers who were faced with problems from streams crashing, freezing to not even initialising across all platforms it is available on.

After the problem packed launch and a debut year in what was very much a beta stage, this year before the season began they promised much for the F1TV platform, adding a host of bells and whistles to the App before ensuring a stable and consistent delivery of the live signal.

Furthermore, an hour after the final FP2 session the replay was not available to view as shown above.

Trying to make head or tail of this story is tough and really the buck has to stop with Sean Bratches who is head of F1 marketing but has remained tight-lipped about the latest gaffe – a Tweet or statement from the chief would go a long way

The @F1Help official Twitter for F1 TV is trying to do damage control by suggesting the problems are “intermittent” and only affecting “some” when in fact it is across the platform in just about all regions as replies to their tweets indicate.

Below are extracts from the @F1Help Twitter feed: