Raikkonen: Racing and partying for me is normal

While Formula 1 promotes the “When you drink never drive” slogan for their beer sponsors, known piss-cat Kimi Raikkonen has done his bit to promote his own method of chilling out between races, namely that infamous 16-day booze binge he admitted to in his book.

Asked about his party habits during an interview with Tom Clarkson on the ‘Beyond the Grid’ podcast, Raikkonen said, “Obviously it’s been a joke often, but I actually think it’s more true than a joke that I’ve often been driving better doing whatever I want between the races, than if I’m just not having fun and drinks and stuff.”


With reference to the boozy binge between the races in Bahrain and Spain in 2012, Raikkonen explained, “There’s too many proven theories… that [you drive] better [after] a bit more fun.”

“That whole summer was more or less racing and partying. It’s nothing new – for me it’s normal. Outside it might look a bit weird, but for me, in the past, it was a very normal story.”

“I always thought that [it makes you] more relaxed and you need to put more effort and concentration in [on track] because you’re a bit unsure. And then the end result comes better.”

The Raikkonen episode will be available on Wednesday, 13 March “complete with more fascinating revelations.”