McLaren Renault fastest top speed but Mercedes still cruising

After two days of Formula 1 preseason testing, Renault are leading in the top speed stakes as Lando Norris recorded the top speed in the McLaren of 337 kph but it is pretty obvious that Ferrari and Mercedes, in particular, are yet to unleash their best.

Top Speeds

In a report published on the official F1 website, stats Honda in second on 229 kph which was recorded by Max Verstappen on the first day of testing in Spain.

Notably, Mercedes were slowest at around 326 kph, suggesting that for now they are simply in cruise-mode and when they do crank it up they are likely to tickle the 340 kph and perhaps even break it.

Racing Point are also likely to benefit from the extra horses when they are made available, as the RP19 with Sergio Perez at the wheel looked like a handy piece of kit.

Ferrari is sure to have some added oomph in their bag of tricks and of course, it will be interesting to see what Honda’s ‘party mode’ has in store.

For now Renault… (make that their customer team McLaren) are fastest down the main straight, but that is likely to change in the forthcoming days.

Data Gathering

Ferrari are the only engine supplier with six cars running during the first Formula preseason test in Barcelona, which makes them top of the all-important data collection stakes during the first two days of on-track action.

Renault and Honda are each supplying two teams each while Ferrari have three as do Mercedes, but with the Williams no show they lost out on the extra data acquisition.

Thus Ferrari-powered cars have covered over 300 laps around the Spanish Grand Prix venue, next best are Mercedes on just under 250 laps racked up during the first two days.

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