Vettel: People can start to sense things are different

Most were in denial but things started smelling fishy at Ferrari around Monza-time last year, that the team imploded is well documented – some readers having a go at us for being one of the few English language sites reporting the undercover civil war at Maranello which they claimed was fake news.

Fast forward about six months, now that the dust has settled the same Scuderia has emerged, as it always has since the 1950s, with a different team chief in Mattia Binotto, a young upstart driver in Charles Leclerc and with Sebastian Vettel remaining to be part of a new era.

The German’s ‘comfort zone’ of Kimi Raikkonen is now gone, replaced by the ambitions of a young charge set to make his mark in the top flight with the sport’s greatest team.

Speaking after the launch if the Ferrari SF90, Vettel said of the changes at Maranello, “I think people can start to sense things are different. The atmosphere is good, and I think things are moving in the right way.”

“Mattia is in charge of the team but it’s not one person alone that is running a team, we have a lot of people working to build these two cars. For me it is an honour to drive one of them and we will do our upmost to make sure we finish as high up as we can.”

“We got really good achievements in 2018 and it’s a development of last year’s car. It’s not a revolution. We tried to push again to raise the bar and tried to be as extreme as we could,” explained the German, albeit somewhat cryptically.

The SF90 is the fifth F1 Ferrari that Vettel will drive, the sixty-fifth F1 single-seater the team have built. They desperately need this car to return world championship silverware to the Maranello F1 trophy cabinet which has been bare since they last won the constructors’ title in 2008.

Vettel continued, “I think we are all excited. You start to see the car, little bits of it and then you see it slowly come together but today is the first time to see it altogether.”

“Now I’m really excited and can’t wait to get in. I am looking forward to this year. I believe the team are on the right path and hopefully, we can keep improving,” added 31-year-old Vettel.

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