Smedley: Bringing the inner beauty of F1 viewers and fans

Rob Smedley, one of the better-known engineers in Formula 1, is set to work alongside motorsport chief Ross Brawn as he lends his experience to mapping the future of the sport which means for the first time in two decades the Englishman will not be affiliated with a team.

The former Jordan, Ferrari and Williams engineer will take on the role of technical consultant for Liberty Media, who are running the sport at the highest level since they bought it a couple of years ago.

Smedley said in an interview during a Beyond the Grid podcast, “It’s about trying to get a coherent message in terms of the technical side of Formula 1. How the events unfolded, why people have made certain decisions, and putting that out across the various different platforms, and hopefully telling a better story of Formula 1. It’s about really bringing the inner beauty of Formula 1 to the viewer, to the fan.”

After leaving Williams late last year, Smedley was in contact with Brawn, his former colleague at Ferrari, and it was agreed that he could contribute to where the sport is heading.

Smedley explained, “In conversations with Ross, we were both of the opinion that there’s this really rich seam of technical content, of data, of the way that teams operate, that actually never gets told. And it’s part of the whole story that underpins Formula 1, which actually the paying public, the Formula 1 fan, never ever gets to see – or they get to see very little of it. So there’s an opportunity in front of us to put that together at some level.”

“It’s well documented that I’d taken a decision to have a little bit of time away from the coalface in the teams, but I still have a huge burning passion for Formula 1.”

“I hope that this is a way of me giving a little bit back to the sport, to explain what I’ve learnt over the last 20 years in Formula 1 as an engineer to the viewer; not only the technical side or the operational side, but the human side as well – of what it takes for all those women and men who work in Formula 1 and commit their lives to it,” added Smedley.