Verstappen: On the simulator the car feels positive

Max Verstappen has revealed that laps on a simulator with the ‘virtual’ Red Bull RB15 have left him confident that he will have himself a decent car next year as his team begin their new era in Formula 1 as a Honda works team.

Speaking during a function in Amsterdam to launch of his MAXRAW 1 fashion collection, Verstappen divulged,  “I have only driven the new car in the simulator, which feels positive.”


“But of course. you will never know what the other teams are doing. We’ll have to wait and see, me too. It is exciting, although that will really come when I sit in the car. Prior to that, it is hard to know what to expect.”

Since Verstappen made his stunning debut for Red Bull at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix, he has risen to be one of the superstars of the sport up there with Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Although Honda have yet to prove themselves in this turbo hybrid era, the 21-year-old is nevertheless upbeat, “We will try to win as many races as possible. And if that is the case we can also go for the world championship. It is hard to judge, but I hope it will be positive”

“At the moment we don’t know how good the car and engine are, and how good the competition is. I will always try to get the best out of myself and hopefully, that is enough.”

“It is a new start with Honda, everyone is very motivated. We all look forward to the new season. I don’t think we will match Ferrari and Mercedes straight away in terms of power, but Honda is giving everything to get there as quickly as possible.”

“The team has lots of positive energy. You can see the drive to win. I believe it now works from both sides, from the team and the engine supplier,” added Verstappen who will be seeking to add to his five Grand Prix wins in 2019.

Verstappen will be joined by Pierre Gasly in the energy drinks outfit this season.