Horner: We paid Renault for a First Class seat but got Economy


Red Bull are still hurting in the wake of their ‘divorce’ from Renault, with Christian Horner lobbing a barb the way of their former engine partners as his team begin their new era with Honda power.

Ahead of the new season, Horner told Reuters, “I think we’ve had a really collaborative approach and open approach with Honda. Communication has been very honest and very open about areas of strength and weakness.”

Despite four glorious years in which they won eight F1 world titles, Red Bull’s relations with Renault were fractured from the start of the V6 turbo hybrid era, when Mercedes began a period of domination that has now brought them five successive title doubles.

Horner was sure the Honda partnership would be very different and said of the last three seasons with Renault, “Effectively we’ve been paying for a first class ticket and you get an economy seat.”

“An awful lot of frustration was born out of that… so I think with Honda, it being a true technical partnership, there’s much more collective responsibility from both sides rather than being a customer-supplier scenario.”

Horner also said Red Bull aimed to be more consistent across all circuits this year, rather than just those where engine power was less of a factor.