2018 Unsung Heroes: Force India

Force India staff must be applauded for their sheer resilience during harrowing times, they kept working on their car, never jumping ship, despite the world around them crumbling as Vijay Mallya’s team stared bankruptcy in the face.

Spare a thought for working without pay, knowing your team is sinking with no end in sight and staring bankruptcy in the face. The commitment and guts to continue under those circumstances can only be vociferously commended.

Thankfully their nightmare turned into a happy dream as Lawrence Stroll and his cabal of Racing Point buddies took over, saved the team and appear to have assured their loyal staff that the lean times are over.

If any team was ripe for serious investment after the lengthy period under Mallya’s watch, a period in which pennies were counted and often they were short, then the Silverstone outfit is a smart purchase because they have always battled well above their level with limited resources. Again credit to the unsung heroes.

Also, as a photographer, a shout out to James Moy who I believe is the team’s official snapper who does an amazing job, producing great images, many of which are used on this site with pride.

With Lance Stroll, who the new team is being built for, joining Sergio Perez the faithful set sail for another chapter in the team’s history with the bad times receding fast.

But before then, it is important to salute those who remained loyal when times were tough, when the money wasn’t flowing and doom loomed. Those people know who they are and without a doubt they are the 2018 Unsung Heroes of our sport.

Force India F1 team put into administration

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