2018 Surprise of the Year: F1 Media Team & Website

One of the most pleasant surprises of this year has been the superb service provided by F1 Media Office and their team, great information on a regular basis with tons of timely and pertinent content, the quality of which is now on par, and even better, than what teams have been providing for years.

During the Bernie Ecclestone era such information simply never emerged from his offices, because of his second-hand car salesman roots, his was not a transparent way of doing business. Hence the information that did flow was simply ways to divide and rule with soundbites through chosen media allies.

It is quite the opposite right now and I for one hope it stays that way.

In this Liberty Media era they have got it spot on with Ross Brawn’s regular lengthy insights always an intriguing read with some edgy statements in the public domain. It was a stroke of genius to make his debriefs public reading.

Furthermore, I am not quite sure if they have a hand in that to, probably do, but the F1.com website is way better than anything we had in the Bernie era. Great interviews, topical news, fast on the official stuff and my first port of call for my daily F1 news.

A big round of applause to all concerned, a much-appreciated improvement. Now sort out F1TV!

Note on the 2018 GrandPrix247.com Formula 1 Awards:
With so many official Formula 1 and Motorsport Awards happening out there during this festive season, this year, as Editor I decided a one-man poll would do the trick as opposed to the logistics of a democratic poll.
I was also malleable with the Award categories, adding when required as deserving recipients sprang to mind.
For the record, these Awards are my own point of view, thus biased and opinionated but no bribes were taken nor offered!
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