Honda: Better communication with Red Bull than McLaren

Having burnt themselves seriously with the abortive reunification with McLaren, Honda embraced the opportunity to work with Red Bull/ Toro Rosso with a clean slate where efficient communication is the essence of their new Formula 1 project.

In an interview with MN, Honda F1 chief Masashi Yamamoto compared the relationships, “The biggest change is we had much better communication with [Toro Rosso] compared to the past. As a result of that, we had better connection between the chassis and power unit on the technical side.”

“In terms of the engine itself we were able to see the improvement of reliability and performance. We had Spec 2 and Spec 3 and improved the performance gradually. It was a good preparation for next year.

“We had some troubles at the beginning of the year, reliability issues, and some delay on development but in the end both reliability and performance improved,” explained Yamamoto.

Red Bull allowed the Japanese manufacturer to use Toro Rosso as a test for their engine with 2019 always in mind when both the energy drinks teams run with Japanese power for the first time, their first foray into the world of being a works outfit.