Flörsch: My goal is to get to F1 and have success there

Sophia Floersch is on the road to recovery after her death-defying and frightening airborne crash during the Macau Grand Prix last month.

Video of Flörsch’s car flying out of control went viral as it plunged into a structure in front of the Lisboa Hotel. Rival driver Sho Tsuboi was also involved in the incident, as well as two photographers and a marshal.

Flörsch, who required 11 hours of surgery on a spinal fracture, is now on the road to recovery in Germany, and the 18-year-old intends making a return to racing.”

She told BBC, “Of course I hope to be back behind the wheel. The plans are to do the same series again as I did this year, the F3 European Championship which is now called Euromasters – so that’s going to be my plan.”

“Hopefully it will be with Van Amersfoort, the team that I raced with this year, because they are an amazing team. I’ll see how it goes, but my goal is to get to F1 and have success there and maybe be world champion.”

“It’s quite a big goal but I’m getting closer every year and I think it’s possible to be there, for sure, and to be a woman world champion. I just want to be the best driver. I think the woman part comes by itself.”

Asked about her mother’s reaction to her daughter returning to racing, Floersch said, “Actually, I think she never really asked me, it was more my grandmother and my aunts and uncles.”

“When I explained why I still wanted to race, they actually understood it. I think all people who are really close to me and who know me already knew the answer before the question because they know that it’s just my life and I would continue even though this crash happened.”