Report claims Schumi not bed-ridden

The Daily Mail claims that Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher is not bed-ridden as has been widely speculated and remains living in his $50-million mansion in the Swiss town of Gland, pouring cold water on reports the family were relocating to Mallorca.

The report reveals: “Sportsmail understands that he is not bed-ridden. Nor is he existing on tubes. Yet it is believed he is receiving extensive nursing and therapy care, which has been estimated to cost more than £50,000 a week.”

“He is, it can be revealed, living with his close family in the main body of his house rather than in an outbuilding that some reports suggested had been constructed in response to his injuries as a special medical facility, a sort of hospital at home. In fact, the building work began before the accident occurred and the new cottage was always intended as a base for his widower father when he stayed.”

In 2016, Schumacher’s German lawyer, Felix Damm confirmed in a court case against Bunte that Schumi could “not walk” which led to the magazine paying damages for claiming in an article that he could walk.  Since then the strict secrecy over his condition has led to often wild but ongoing speculation.

December 29 will mark five years since the near-fatal incident shocked the world which still mourns his condition. Schumi will turn 50 on 3 January.

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