Grosjean: So far I have always learned my lessons

If one driver is lucky to be on the 2019 Formula 1 grid it has to be Haas driver Romain Grosjean, his early season form was hugely disappointing as he was the proverbial ‘accident waiting for a place to happen’ and that he got another year in the top flight is something he should not take for granted.

Credit to the 32-year-old for bouncing back from a number of early-season self-inflicted mistakes excused if made by a rookie, but not from a driver with 140 plus grand prix starts on his CV.

Grosjean admits himself that a repeat performance of his waywardness is not acceptable, and when asked in an interview with Motorsport Network what he needed to do next season, he replied, “Definitely not have the same mistakes as I had this year!”

“I don’t think I would pardon myself if I had another start of the season as I had. Definitely, a lot learned this year, understanding what had happened.”

“I remember the week before the German Grand Prix I called my manager and I said ‘I’m back’. Even before driving the car I said ‘I’m back’ and I was back.

“It was just like everything went in the right place and it was like ‘fuck, this, this, this, this, and sort that out’ and I moved on. It was a great experience: things that you don’t even realise can bother you.”

This past season Grosjean did not score any points in the first eight races, twice crashing out through his own errors, but bounced back with fourth place in Austria. He trailed teammate Kevin Magnussen by 25 points as the Dane emerged as the team’s pillar of consistency in races.

But the driver of the #8 car turned it around and by the end of the season in Abu Dhabi, he had closed the gap to 19 points to Magnussen in the sister car.  Since his first half of the season shenanigans, his performance and consistency trend has been on the up.

He continued, “It’s been interesting, and I’m quite proud of the way I bounced back as well. At one point people were thinking I should stay at home. I thought that I still had it. And I still had it, I just needed to understand why I was just not getting it right.”

Asked if he had the blueprint to keep it on the black stuff in 2019, he replied, “I hope so, I hope so. You never know until you’ve done it.”

“But so far I have always learned my lessons and not done the same mistake twice and hopefully that’s the same case again,” added the Haas driver.

Big Question: Does Romain always learn from his mistakes as he claims?

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