Verstappen: If Honda fail there’s always a Plan-B

One thing you cannot accuse Max Verstappen of lacking confidence, the 20-year-old Formula 1 superstar has sung the praises of Honda and welcomes Red Bull’s new engine era with relish but at the same time has revealed that if all fails there is a Plan-B.

In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, Verstappen made a cryptic revelation when asked what would happen if Honda do not deliver next season (they haven’t for the past four years) the Dutchman replied, “There’s always a Plan-B.”


The fact, Verstappen suggests, that there is even a Plan-B, for Red Bull or himself, is an interesting disclosure and will probably come as news to Honda.

Before the cryptic quip, Verstappen said, “I really like this team and I’m sure we can build the fastest car ever. We only need an engine that can deliver at the top. Next year we must try to go for it and set the stage for 2020 with the goal to fight for the title.”

Time will tell if Honda will deliver the horsepower and reliability that Verstappen so craves. For now, by all accounts from within the camp, the Blues have reason to be optimistic.

During the interview the subject of Charles Leclerc’s move to Ferrari was broached by reporter Marco Belloro, the two drivers have crossed swords sporadically during karting and junior single-seater series’ in the past.

When asked if the Scuderia’s 21-year-old can challenge for the title next year, Verstappen replied, “It depends on the car he will have at his disposal. If it’s good enough, then he will be able to challenge for the championship.”

“I think I would have been able to fight for the championship already in my first year [with Red Bull] if I had a capable car. The age factor does not matter when you have the best car, you will always fight at the front and you’re safe from the elbowing in the midfield. The faster the car is, the easier it is for the driver”

“I remember Charles was very fast already in karts, but he was not the main opponent, especially in my last year of racing. We fought for the win two or three times, but we were really very young.”

“It is beautiful that we are driven by the same desire to excel,” added Verstappen who like Leclerc is expected to be at the forefront of Formula 1’s new generation of stars.

Big Question: What is the Plan-B that Max is talking?