Sirotkin: I want clarity about my future

Williams rookie Sergey Sirotkin faces being ousted from Formula 1 after just one year in the top flight as Robert Kubica has apparently inked his name to a deal with the Grove outfit, but the Russian has no news on this while revealing that his minders – SMP Racing – are still in negotiations with the once mighty team.

With reports indicating that Kubica has found a substantial budget (anything between $10-million and $16-million depending on the source )is set to get the nod to partner George Russel at Williams, thus it seems unlikely Sirotkin will remain in Formula 1 beyond this season.

“Right now, sitting here, I want clarity about my future,” Sirotkin told Sport-Express. “It is unpleasant to read the latest news and see what is happening around me.”

It would be fair to say that his debut season has been severely compromised by Williams failing to produce a decent car for their drivers, but he has not looked out of sorts compared to his more experienced teammate Lance Stroll.

But after 20 races with only one point to show for his efforts, Sirotkin conceded, “Of course, we all expected completely different results. The year was not easy. We faced a lot of difficulties.”

“But the way our team united and found ways to solve these problems is worthy of respect. Each of us can be pleased with how we reacted to the tough situations.”

SMP Racing has bank-rolled Sirotkin’s Formula 1 journey thus far, but reports suggest that the money may have dried up and hence the uncertainty.

“Representatives of the program are involved in the negotiation process. We communicate closely and heir opinion coincides with mine: we need to do what we do as well as possible and see what happens,” explained the Russian.

The fact that the axe could fall, and end the 23-year-old’s one year tenure with the team, is a prospect he loathes, “Right now, of course, I’m not ready for something like this. I have repeatedly said that I invested much more in this season than many people realise.”

“The last thing I want is for the result of my work to go to someone else. It is clear that this year we were working with the future in mind, the results should come next season. If I have to give this up and quit it will be a big disappointment.”

As for adding more points to his tally of one, Sirtokin was again realistic, “Relying on our pace and performance, we cannot score points. Chances are only in extreme circumstances that do not depend on us. Maybe, a miracle will happen, and we will earn precious and deserved points. But I to go to Abu Dhabi, armed only with faith and hope.”

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