Brundle: Max needs to address this red mist

Just about every pundit has had their say on the Max Verstappen versus Esteban Ocon shenanigans during the drama-packed Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday, Sky F1 pundit Martin Brundle was in the thick of the action, which has been extensively documented, and gave his thoughts on the saga.

In his review of the race weekend at Interlagos, Brundle said, “The chequered flag normally signals the end of the action, but Max was still fuming. He doesn’t like advice but I have some for him anyway: I recommend he doesn’t threaten to headbutt journalists in a press conference or punch drivers over the radio when returning to the pits. Just keep it in your head if that’s what you’re thinking at some angry point.

“There was a bit of shoving by Max in the weighing area, not really anything much more than you’d expect to see in a feisty soccer or rugby game. Of course, he shouldn’t have done it and he gets a couple of days of community service whatever that means in F1 land.”

“Through it all I can’t help but admire his Teflon, bullet-proof, unrelenting, supreme self-confidence and demeanour afterwards. Great sporting heroes usually think they’re right, and often can’t remotely compute being wrong, and that’s why they win.”

“When I spoke to him afterwards he was surprised about the episode ‘because I didn’t punch him’. I’m pleased nothing much more than that happened, I love characters and passion in this digital world of ours, but Max needs to address this red mist as it will cost him dearly down the road somewhere,” warned Brundle.

Video: Verstappen and Ocon in post-race shoving match