Jo Bauer: Vettel refused to turn off the engine

Sebastian Vettel got himself into hot water during qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix when he lost his cool after officials directed the #5 Ferrari to the weigh-bridge and with it broke a number of protocols that got him summoned to the FIA race stewards at Interlagos.

During Q2 when the Ferrari was randomly chosen to be weighed, clearly agitated Vettel drove into the cone demarcating the weighing area and, when on it, did not switch off his engine as instructed to by the FIA official manning the post.

Instead, the German continued to gesticulate and show his displeasure before being allowed to pull away, on doing so he wrecked the scales!

The matter was the reported to the stewards by technical delegate Jo Bauer who reported: “During the second Qualifying session at 15:27hrs, the driver of car number 05, when called for weighing, refused to turn off the engine. The car was pushed onto the scales and weighed with running engine, which makes it difficult to get a stable result. After weighing the driver drove off the scales under its own power, and by doing so, he destroyed the scales.”

“As the driver was not following the instructions and further compromised the continuation of the weighing procedure, I am referring this matter to the stewards for their consideration.”

The sanction for such actions can be anything from a reprimand to disqualification depending on how the stewards interpret Vettel’s actions after questioning him in the aftermath of qualifying.

Immediately after qualifying, in parc ferme Vettel said of the incident, “They shouldn’t call us in when the conditions are changing like that. To call someone in, I think it isn’t fair and I wanted them to hurry up.”

The verdict and updated report here:

Vettel reprimanded and given fine for Q2 tantrum