Sirotkin: I am not angry with Lewis

All media wanted to know from Sergey Sirotkin after qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix was if the Williams driver was angry with world champion Lewis Hamilton who forced the Williams driver to swerve violently to avoid ramming the Mercedes.

When questioned about the incident after qualifying at Interlagos, Sirotkin was clearly miffed by the angle as he explained, “Why everybody asking about Lewis and not about where we are?”


“To be honest, nothing I’m not angry with him. I needed to push that lap to get my tyres. It was all a bit unplanned where we were and we could not put the tyres in the blankets between the runs so we were massively down on temps.

“Basically that out-lap was as quick as my any other lap, almost. I was properly flat out, I was coming through the very quick left-hander there, and he was stopping to prepare his lap.

“I went on the left, not even hoping that he would let me go because he was so slow and I was coming so quickly and then in the last minute he saw me and tried to avoid me.

“He gave me the racing line but I was already on the left so I had to pass through the grass and basically my lap was ruined after that.

“But he’s a champion, he knows what he’s doing and didn’t change my position at the end of the day. But it’s a good day in general,” added Sirotkin who made it into Q2 and qualified 15, well ahead of teammate Lance Stroll down in 19th.

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