Perez: I should have achieved greater things

Formula 1 history is littered with drivers who made the wrong decisions at the wrong time which negatively impacted their careers, Sergio Perez was startlingly honest when he admitted he has made a bad career decision when it mattered and as a result, he has fallen short of his own expectations.

In an interview published on the official F1 website, Perez said, “I think that with the talent that I have, by now, I should have achieved greater things, but at the same time I’m conscious Formula 1 is so much about timing, the opportunities are so limited in terms of the teams you can get into and how good they can be.”

“2012 was my big year and I probably chose the wrong team at the time, and that has impacted my career quite a bit,” explained the Mexican with reference his stellar season with Sauber before his ill-fated move McLaren.


That year Perez was the ‘next big thing’ with second in Malaysia, third in Canada, and a memorable second in Italy had his shares soaring. As a graduate of the Ferrari Driver Academy, Maranello was sure to come calling at some point.

Sergio: If you’re not in a Mercedes or a Ferrari, Force India is probably the best place to be

Instead, Ron Dennis arrived on the scene, lured Perez to Woking and the rest is history.

Perez continued, “The future was looking amazing. Then McLaren came and things didn’t work out. That year was just a nightmare – the car and being against someone so experienced [Jenson Button] who was coping well with a difficult car.”

“In the first part of the season, it wasn’t so good. In the second part of the season, I was beating him. But so many things happened at McLaren that year which meant I had no seat,” he recalled.

These days he must find it hard to resist a chuckle when he contemplates the state of his former team, and explained why he is in the best place to be if a not with one of the Big Three teams, “Since joining Force India, I’ve been out of contract every year and every year I get some offers from other teams.”

“Some good teams show interest in me so that’s good. That’s good on me, it makes me feel proud. I’m delivering on track. The last two years, I’ve been best of the rest. If you’re not in a Mercedes or a Ferrari, Force India is probably the best place to be,” added Perez.