Maurizio arrivabene, sergio marchionne, mattia binotto

Arrivabene: The rumours about Mattia are fake news

Maurizio arrivabene, sergio marchionne, mattia binotto

Last month reports emerged in Italian media reporting that there was a big division at Ferrari with one camp behind Maurizio Arrivabene and another behind technical chief Mattia Binotto but according to the team principal this is all fake news.

Speaking to select media, “Once and for all let’s make this clear: The rumours about Mattia are a fake news, put around to create instability in the team. It is an attempt to try to create problems where there are no problems, and I do not want to comment on false rumours anymore.”


“During this season there have been many attempts at destabilisation, sometimes with stories about the drivers, others about the technicians.”

“My position? Ask managing director Camilleri,” retorted the Ferrari team chief.

Binotto ascended to the top of the Maranello ladder with support from the late Sergio Marchionne who bought into to the concept of the bespectacled engineer heading the technical department, with Arrivabene tasked to manage the balance.

This supposedly caused division, as Ferrari dropped behind Mercedes in the development race, the Reds taking a few steps back before realising they were going down the wrong path and reverting to earlier versions of the car to be at the very sharp end again.

But Arrivabene also downplayed suggestions that heads would roll in the wake of another failed campaign by the Reds, “No one has ever spoken of goodbyes, possibly we can talk about reinforcements.”

“But it takes time, we’ll think about it next season. Today the team is there, and it’s a good and compact team. If there are reinforcements they will arrive without any haste, I stress it, and [only] if we need to have them.”

“The line is that of stability if there are additions [they] will not undermine the soundness of the existing group. A team that works only needs reinforcements, not revolutions. Personally, I have never believed in revolutions, but in evolution,” added Arrivebane.