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Good… f@ck off! Nice one Claire!

“Good… fuck off” – Claire Williams’ response to the collision that saw Kimi retire after coming together with Valtteri at the 2015 Mexican GP. from r/formula1

Claire Williams has jumped up several notches in our book after a video surfaced on Reddit showing her watching as Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen collides with Williams driver Valtteri Bottas during a tense battle at the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix.

Räikkönen and Bottas were racing for sixth place on the day. On lap 24, Bottas attacked around the outside into turn two, sticking to the inside line at the following corner, but Räikkönen did not back away and ran into the front-left of the Williams, breaking the Ferrari’s rear-right suspension and forcing him to retire on the spot, while Bottas was able to carry on to finish third.

Watching the riveting action, the deputy team chief fired off a few choice words. Way to go Claire!

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