Horner: Daniel put his fist through the wall

Daniel Ricciardo is struggling to catch a break in recent races, this time at the United States Grand Prix, the Red Bull driver forced to park his car after eight laps on a day in which his teammate Max Verstappen finished second after starting 18th on the grid.

Clearly distraught when he alighted his stricken car, later he was raging when he vented his anger as revealed by team chief Christian Horner, “It’s just a crying shame for Daniel, I feel so sorry for him.”


“He’s just taken his frustration out in his room by putting his fist through the wall, which you can totally relate to. He doesn’t blame the team in any way. He knows we’re doing everything we can, it’s just one of those things.”

Horner: I just feel very, very sorry for him

“It’s an identical power unit issue that he had in Bahrain where it’s just gone to a compete shut down and you can see it mid-corner. He was driving a strong Grand Prix and would have been right there too, so really just so frustrating for him.”

“Hopefully we’ve got enough components in the pool for him not to have to take a penalty so I’m sure he’ll be having a word with his future employers about it because it’s just so frustrating to keep losing him from races at the moment.

“He would have been equally strong in the second half of the race, so I just feel very, very sorry for him,” added Horner on a bittersweet day for his team.