Camilleri: Sergio and I clearly have very different styles

New Ferrari chief Louis Camilleri gave his first press conference in the Formula 1 paddock since taking over from the late Sergio Marchionne at the helm of Maranello and was quick to reveal that his management style differs greatly from his predecessor.

Speaking to reporters at Monza, venue of his team’s own race, Camilleri said, “Sergio and I clearly have very different styles, however I think we have the same ambition and we had a mutual respect.”

“We clearly discussed the Ferrari business as well as the Philip Morris business many, many times. So, I miss him. And he clearly was an amazing individual. A huge brain, boundless energy, and very ambitious, as am I.”

“In terms of the basic principles, where the DNA of Formula 1 will remain and if it will be at the pinnacle of automotive technology and innovation, but races will be competitive and exciting, for the fans, then Formula 1 will continue to be viable. Within those principles, I think everybody agrees. How you get there is something else.”

“There are obviously three components to it, the way I see it anyway. There are the technical regulations, there are the financial aspects and there are the governance aspects. At one point, the three have to get together.

“I’m confident – it’s in everybody’s interest to find an agreement that’s viable for everyone. Beyond that, honestly, I’m not prepared to say much because I have never, and will never negotiate through the media. I hope you understand that.”

With regards to this season where for a change they can match Mercedes, if not edge them, in the performance stakes, the Scuderia chief said, “Obviously the team has considerable momentum. I’m happy to follow their lead. It’s a team, as you mentioned, a great team.”

“I don’t expect big changes. I have the ambition, like everybody else in the team, to win and continue winning.”

With regards to how hands-on he will be with the team, Camilleri said, “When you are CEO you don’t give percentages as to what time you spend on what. You spend the necessary time on everything, and that is what I intend to do.”

“We have a great management team. Clearly, I have a great team principal and team under my team principal, but on the other side, we have a great management team too. It is one of Ferrari’s strengths at all levels. Ferrari is a jewel, my job is to make sure it continues to shine on all aspects,” added Camilleri.