Marchionne in deep coma clouds Hockenheim race day


Sergio Marchionne is one of those high-profile businessmen who are either despised or respected with few in the middle ground, however news of his critical health with reports of him being in a deep come have shocked and clouded the Formula 1 paddock at Hockenheim ahead of the German Grand Prix.

Under the leadership of 42-year-old  industrialist, John Elkann has swiftly acted to replace gravely ill Marchionne, with the Agnelli heir taking over the role as chairman and another Marlboro Man – Marchionne is on the board of Philip Morris and Maurizio Arrivabene was their marketing man for decades.

The reasoning for Saturday’s reshuffle was obvious but the exact extent and orecise nature of Marchionne’s condition was not established at the time, however there have been developments overnight. were the first to sniff that all was not well with the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles when they reported: “Instead of a simple shoulder operation, it was more complex and required complex clinical procedure. An invasive disease emanating from the prostate had already spread in a devastating manner, but only discovered a short time ago.”

“An evil that could require further medical investigations and more complex surgical interventions. From here the Marchionne family have drastic decisions to make.”

Lettera43 editor Paolo Madron wrote on Twitter: “Things that you would never want to say, but unfortunately the duty of news requires us to do so: Marchionne is in a deep coma.”

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