Vettel using special helmet for German Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel will wear a special edition helmet for his home German Grand Prix this weekend, the Ferrari driver opting for a design featuring a ‘target’ around the ears in the colours of his nation’s flag.

The four-times Formula 1 World Champion was famed for wearing different helmets for just about every race he entered until the practice of choosing one design for the season was implemented, the exception being that ‘alternative’ designs could be used on special occasions.

Helmet artist Christoph Niemann explained his latest creation for his most famous client, “Apart from the fact that I should include the German colors, I had a free hand. The circles remind us of the sound that these cars make.

“Vettel told me how important it is in his job to concentrate on the essentials. So I started at the back with different stripes that overlap first, but then become parallel and end up in a red line,” added Niemann.