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Vettel: Double the cylinders, take the batteries out

Sebastian Vettel believes it’s unfair that critics of the current Formula 1 turbo-hybrid era suggest that grand prix results are manipulated or “remotely controlled” but acknowledged that simplifying the rules should be high on the agenda, he himself has a radical suggestion for the future of the sport.

Speaking during the drivers’ press conference on the eve of the German Grand Prix weekend, the Ferrari driver said, “I agree, people get the impression from outside that a lot of it is remotely controlled but that’s not fair.”

“The cars are very complex, the technology inside the cars is very complex and it needs more than one or two, three mechanics which maybe Formula 1 had 40/50 years ago to run a car. You need a lot of people.”

“Obviously in terms of technology it’s also very impressive but my view is also that from outside the engine… most of the car is covered anyway so you can’t see.”

“Some people… if you’re a tech nerd it’s great but not everybody is and from the outside, you want to see cars fighting, you want to see cars race and are driven by us to the limit and that’s what matters.”

“I think there’s always been an interaction between technology and racecraft, driving the cars, in the past. I think the driver is the key element to driving the car, even though the technology behind it is complicated to run but equally it’s not our fault.”

“For the future, I would love to simplify things so that people get a better impression. But I can understand why they get the impression.”

“Do I think [the critcism] it’s fair? No, it’s not because I know I’m driving the car and I know these guys are driving the cars,” argued the four times F1 World Champion.

Asked what he would like to see for Formula 1, Vettel replied with a smile, “Probably the first action: double the cylinders, take the batteries out, maybe we need one to start the car, that’s enough usually.”