Ferrucci: I send my sincerest apologies for my actions

Disgraced Haas reserve Santino Ferrucci apologised for taunting and driving into Trident teammate Arjun Maini claiming that anger and frustration got the better of his emotions on the ‘cooling down’ lap after the Formula 2 Sprint race at Silverstone.

The American driver made contact and forced Maini off track after the race, on a weekend in which he was slapped with €66,000 in fines for his shenanigans, including driving his car in the support paddock wearing one glove and clutching a mobile phone!

In the wake of his dark weekend, Ferrucci admitted that he erred in his ways, “I want to send my sincerest apologies for my actions on Sunday at the FIA F2 race at Silverstone Circuit.”

“I used extremely poor judgement at the conclusion of the race getting far too close to my teammate Arjun Maini and swerved away only to graze his tire, very fortunately causing no damage or issue to his car.”

“There was no intent, premeditation or any type of retaliation by my actions, only anger and frustration as this has been a horrific year. I have no excuse other than the fact I am a 20-year-old Italian American with a deep passion for motorsport, which is a very emotional sport.”

“While there has been much provocation leading to my mental lapse, it is still not an excuse and I will make sure that this does not happen again. I realize I have embarrassed many people and I apologize to my Sponsors, Trident, my fellow drivers, Haas F1, FIA, FIA F2, my fans, friends and family,” added Ferrucci.

The Haas F1 team have yet to comment with regards to their young driver’s behaviour at Silverstone.