Andy Palmer, Christian Horner

Palmer: Aston Martin cannot get involved in F1 arms race

Andy Palmer, Christian Horner

Aston Martin chief Andy Palmer must be privy to ‘very inside’ information regarding next year’s Formula 1 engine regulations because he is already disenchanted with them while most of the motorsport world are still in the dark.

Palmer told Autocar that he has little confidence in what will be ratified for 2021 and beyond, “It doesn’t look like the new regulations will be of interest, sadly.”

“Aston was interested on the basis that costs would be controlled and that the formula would be one part of an equation that would put control back into the hands of the driver.”

“I don’t see the costs coming down far enough with the regulations I’ve heard discussed and I do see that the opportunity to spend a fortune chasing down a tenth of a second a lap will remain.”

“At Aston, we love the sport, and we’d love to be involved, but we cannot get involved in an arms race. It’s needlessly expensive and it undermines the sport, because whoever has the advantage of that tenth will win.”

“I won’t say we’re definitely not going to do it until I see the final proposal because there are still some areas where there is not enough clarity. But if the door is left open to a spending war, then we won’t be involved,” added Palmer.

Aston Martin are currently title sponsors of Red Bull who are powered by TAG-Heuer badged Renault engines. Next year they will join their junior Toro Rosso team with Honda power for at least two years.