Verstappen: They won’t be as bad on Vettel as they were on me

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen could not resist a stab at his critics after finishing second at the French Grand Prix, surviving a first lap melee instigated by Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel.

The Dutchman faced a barrage of criticism earlier in the season after a spate of incidents cost him and his team dearly, but in the last four races, Verstappen has finished on the podium on three occasions.

Speaking after the race at Le Castellet, Verstappen did not hold back, “I hope when we get to Austria that the journalists ask him if [Vettel] will change his approach because that is what l heard for so many races. It really annoyed me and was stupid to ask. I’m getting annoyed about it.”

Immediately after the race, Vettel was slammed by Mercedes F1 chief Niki Lauda but Verstappen refused to jump on the bandwagon,”Mistakes happen and they happen to the best of us. But it makes me angry because they won’t be as bad on him as they were on me.”

“All the time they came to me on how l should change my approach and these stupid comments. I didn’t change a thing and now everything is going right.”

“I focus on my myself, but all these stupid comments you read on social media and journalists, it’s really stupid. I am not going to hold back on it,” added Verstappen.

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