Williams: We have to fix this car

Williams endured yet another woeful grand prix weekend, this time in Canada where their cars were visibly off the pace with Lance Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin struggling with a problematic race car which team chief Claire Williams wants to be sorted out asap.

Much has been written about the ongoing slide of the once mighty Williams, in a nutshell the first car produced under Paddy Lowe’s watch has been a disaster… and heads have rolled including that of (previously) highly rated Dirk de Beer.

Nevertheless, Williams insisted on Sky Sports, “We have to fix this car. We don’t give up, we can’t give up during a season as we’re an independent team. If we gave up our sponsors would probably give up and we can’t afford to do that.”

“It is hard work, we have also got to look at next year’s car but this is going to be the bedrock of next year’s car. We have got to get this car right if we are going to make steps forward next season.”

From the first race in Melbourne, their drivers knew that the FW41 was a lemon but credit to rookie Sirotkin for making the most of a rough deal. On the other hand, Stroll was much more vocal about his disenchantment earlier in the season but has since toned it down, but things are no better with his car.

Williams acknowledged, “It hasn’t been the best year and it is really difficult. It is difficult to keep morale up but the guys are doing a great job. It’s been the one thing I’ve been quite surprised by, how strong the morale is and everyone has dug in really deep and found the Williams fighting spirit.”

“That’s all we can ask from them at the moment. We are putting them through the mill but everyone is working really hard and we have to get ourselves out of this.”

“The support that we are getting at the moment means an awful lot. I know we have let our fans down and I hate that. I’m dreading going to Silverstone because people deserve better from us. All we can do is work through this together as a team and that’s what we are doing. Everyone is fighting.”

De Beer appears to have been the fall guy for the failings of this year’s design, alternatively, technical chief Lowe would have been sent packing for the setback.

But Williams is clearly backing Lowe to get them out of the hole he has dug for them, “We have a recovery plan in place that Paddy has set in motion off the back of Barcelona and we just need to work through that. Unfortunately, though, turning things around when you have the issues that we have isn’t the work of a moment. It’s patience that we need.”

“We have some fantastic people at Williams who are working really hard for us and all under Paddy’s direction. Paddy has got some great credentials and we need to trust in him and trust in the team that we have working for us at the moment that we can get us out of this,” added Williams.

The Grove outfit lie tenth in the 2018 Formula 1 World Championship standings on four points scored by Stroll at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. They trail their closest rivals by eight points.