Verstappen: We have more power and speed available

Max Verstappen has been a criticism magnet after a costly incident at the Monaco Grand Prix two weeks ago, but the Red Bull driver hit the reset button in style and did everything right on the opening day of the Canadian Grand Prix which he dominated without major incident.

The Dutchman topped the timing sheets after FP1 and FP2 on Friday in Montreal, coinciding with Renault’s roll-out of their updated power unit which clearly was not maxed out for practice.

At the end of the day, Verstappen reported on his website, “To me, it all feels good but of course we have not tested it at full power yet. But there is more power available and therefore more speed.”

He also explained why he was particularly quick in the final sector, “We drive with less wing than the others and on my fastest lap I caught a slipstream. Mercedes is gaining in the corners, so I think we are using not enough wing. The car just worked well but it’s only Friday.”

Verstappen had solid runs in race trim, quickest in long run simulations, “We do this more often this year when we get the chance. If everything goes well then you can just make a long run. The first 40 minutes I had a tyre puncture, so that’s why I could not drive but after that, it all went well.”

Finally, the 20-year-old was asked if he was joking when he spoke of headbutting anyone who asks him about his wayward form, “Well, I really wasn’t! At some point enough is enough.”