Alonso: I have many more years in Formula 1

Reports have been doing the rounds for some time now suggesting that Fernando Alonso may be driving in his last season of Formula 1, but according to the Spaniard he is committed to the sport at the highest level and feels privileged to have had such a long and illustrious career.

Alonso is also contesting the World Endurance Championship this year with Toyota Gazoo Racing and will do so until the end of the current Super Season that ends next year.


It is believed that a McLaren delegation visited the recent Indycar race in Detroit to explore options for a campaign Stateside spawning speculation that an option would be to have Alonso doing the Indy 500 again and possibly a full season.

As for the quit F1 rumours, the double World Champion insisted, “I already signed last year. It is a multi-year contract. I have many more years.”

Asked by reporters in Montreal if he was becoming bored with Formula 1, Alonso replied, “I’m not bored. It’s obviously the top series in motorsport. It’s where we all dream to come one day when we are go-kart drivers.”

“But it’s true that in the last years, especially with the turbo era, things are so predictable. This is race seven, there are 21 races, and we all know what is going to happen in the next 14 races. This is very sad for the sport.”

“It’s nothing against Formula 1, it’s not that I get tired of F1, it’s just I know that I will come here and I will fight from seventh to 12th and I will finish the season in Abu Dhabi fighting from seventh to 12th.”

Alonso’s career – which included spells with Renault, McLaren and Ferrari – has been littered with ‘political’ battles, inner team rivalries and dubious decision making.

When asked about this, Alonso responded, “I know that there are some opportunities missing in the past. We could have won probably four or five championships by, I think, seven points one time and then three and three, something like that.”

“At the same time I feel extremely privileged to have 18 years in F1. I know there are drivers here that I race against, I see them on the track, I see their previous categories, and they never experienced even a podium. I see my teammate now, Nico [Hulkenberg], Carlos [Sainz Jnr], I see a lot of talented drivers that didn’t even score a podium.”

“At the same time we missed some opportunities but I’m happy with the things I have done,” concluded Alonso who is contesting his 300th grand prix weekend this time out in Canada.