Carey: We want those magical cities, magical countries

With the Formula 1 expanding significantly into Asia over the past decade, Chase Carey will continue to seek fascinating and magical grand prix venues around the world while holding true to the sport’s core foundation which is Europe.

While attending the FIA’s Sport Conference in Manilla, Formula 1 boss Carey told veteran F1 journo Deiter Rencken, “I’d say there’s a handful of things that are important for us. First, we want to make sure it’s right for a race. We’ll build all the things all around it but it starts with having a track that can provide a great race.”

“Today there are probably circuits that are not conducive to providing the most exciting, best racing, there are some that are fabulous. To start we want a track that is going to deliver a fabulous, exciting race.”

“Second, we want a site that is going to capture the world’s imagination. We’re in the great cities around the world – we want to use the phrase: destination cities. We’re in places where you want people when they look at it on the TV are excited and think it looks spectacular, really capture people’s imagination and if they go to it it’s even more special.”

“So we want those magical cities, magical countries that really intrigue and fascinate the world.”

“I think we want a balance of races around the sport. We’re a global sport, we really are unique… there are sports which are followed around the world, the Premier League has a following around the world but it’s competition is in the UK – we compete around the world with drivers and heroes from around the world.”

“We’re, in many ways, like a World Cup, unique competition, and we do it nine months a year every year, not two to four weeks every four years. We want to have a balance of events around the world, make sure we continue to build on the foundation, which is Europe for us.”

“We don’t want to have growth and not recognise the importance of that foundation, so take advantage of being able to grow it in America and Asia, while continuing to build on the foundation in Europe,” concluded Carey.

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