Raikkonen alleges blackmail after sexual assault claims

Ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix weekend, Kimi Raikkonen has filed a complaint with Montreal police alleging extortion and harassment by a woman who is claiming damages for an alleged sexual assault at a city bar in 2016.

The allegations against the Ferrari driver are detailed in a blog post written by the woman, who doesn’t name Raikkonen explicitly.

The woman alleges that “Raikkonen grabbed her breast in a Montreal bar while one of his companions touched her genitals” as she tried to get them to settle a bar tab at the Velvet Speakeasy bar in Montreal,  where she worked as a barmaid during the 2016 Canadian Grand Prix weekend.

Since then, through her legal representatives, she has demanded “an amount in the seven figures” to buy her silence after the incident.

When Ferrari were approached for comment a team spokesperson told The Canadian Press that Raikkonen denies the allegations and claims to not know the woman.

No criminal complaint has been filed and the representative described the amount of damages being sought by the woman as extremely high.

Additional reporting by La Presse revealed that according to their information the Ferrari driver claims the 20-something-year-old woman “was blackmailing him by threatening to make public allegations of inappropriate sexual advances” which he fervently denies.

She added that she was in shock and decided not to complain at the time, but has since written on a blog post: “I did not do anything wrong. I made it clear that I was not interested in your proposal. Yet you and your friends planned a concerted attack that was degrading to me.”

In a new entry on the blog, published last February with a title bearing #metoo, she added: “I knowingly failed to mention your name on my blog before publishing it. I thought that with a name like yours, it would alert the media. I did not want to cause you a problem.”

But then threatened quite the opposite in the conclusion of the same post: “I have finished protecting you. I did not do anything wrong that night, it was you who acted badly. And now I’m going to get you. I will use my power and you will suffer the consequences of your actions. Your team has been notified. I will make you fall and the whole world will witness it.”

Raikkonen’s Canadian legal team received a formal notice from the alleged victim’s lawyer to which they replied: “Our client denies everything that is alleged and considers it to be illegal. Our client finds all this absurd. For him, it is important that the spotlight is cast on this case.”

The woman’s lawyer reacted: “Faced with allegations of this nature, we’re obviously shocked and disturbed that this is the response.”

As for the claims the woman requested money from Raikkonen to drop the case, her lawyer insisted that it was “a little more graceful” than that.

“What we were looking for was an opportunity to sit down and come to terms with what happened to my client,” insisted the lawyer.