Hamilton: Ferrari dropped the ball but are still strongest

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes knew they would be on the back foot at Monaco with their car better suited to flat-out venues as opposed to the tight confines of the Monte-Carlo streets, this past edition of the race was a case of damage control for the world champion who believes that Ferrari still have the upper hand.

After finishing third at Monaco on Sunday, behind race winner Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel, Hamilton told RaceFans, “Ferrari I think still are the strongest. Their car was quick, their car was working well through the whole season so far.

“They have dropped the ball a few times and we’ve capitalised on that so we’re further ahead than we would be if everyone had done the same job, but I still feel Ferrari are still the strongest and Sebastian’s been doing the strongest job.”

Hamilton is also wary of the potential threat that Red Bull might pose as Renault roll-0ut version two of their 2018 power unit in Montreal, “Red Bull have potentially got an upgrade coming at some stage engine-wise at the next race so it will be interesting to see their performance.”

“They will continue to get stronger through the year. Hopefully, while the race was not the most exciting hopefully it’s great for the fans to see this battle we’re having.”

Hamilton, who along with Vettel and Ricciardo are all on two wins apiece after six rounds, added, “We’re doing everything we can to win the race. The Red Bulls win, then Ferrari win, we win, it’s great to have that.”

“I personally love it and it’s challenging me more than I can express. It’s the biggest challenge I’ve had with my boys,” admitted Hamilton who has 110 points ahead of the round seven in Canada, 14 more than Vettel and 38 points up on Ricciardo.

Big Question: Has Ferrari had the best car during the first six races of this season?