Abiteboul: Red Bull will never learn the need for loyalty

An all-new edition of the Red Bull versus Renault war is looming as the respective bosses fling taunts at one another through the media, with the latest development capable of once and for all ending partnership of the oft-feuding partners.

Earlier this month Renault team chief Cyril Abiteboul demanded that 31 May would be the deadline for Red Bull’s decision on an engine supply for 2019 and beyond, the energy drinks outfit flirting with the idea of switching to Honda.

But Red Bull F1 chief Christian Horner has other ideas, insisting that there would be no decision until after the Canadian Grand Prix.

Shots fired both ways which, in turn, triggered Abiteboul’s latest salvo in an interview with El Confidencial ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, “That Red Bull criticises its engine supplier is not something new.”

“We have been with them for twelve years now, eight world championships together, and they continued to be critical of Renault. We are used to it. They will never learn the need for loyalty, appreciation and commitment to a supplier.”

“When we came back [as a works team] in 2015 after discussions with Renault leadership we offered to integrate forces with Red Bull, but they declined the offer. We then bought a team because the possibility of integration was not attractive to them.”

Abiteboul also rejected suggestions that Red Bull are hampered by the Renault power units, “They have the capacity to win races this season, they will win more, they did it in Shanghai and also maybe in Baku if his their drivers had not collided.”

With regards to the Renault team, he affirmed that the season is going to expectations, “There are ups and downs, but in general, for the moment we are in line with our plan. I know that sometimes it sounds too conservative and corporate, but every professional in Formula 1 knows that you cannot win in a day.”

“We fight against organizations that have almost thirty or forty percent more people than us,” added Abiteboul.