FIA: Aero rule changes to make F1 cars slower in 2019

Aerodynamic rule changes are expected to make Formula 1 cars one-and-a-half seconds slower per lap in 2019, the governing FIA said on Thursday.

Speaking at the Spanish Grand Prix, the International Automobile Federation’s head of technical matters for single seater racing, Nikolas Tombazis, said race performance would definitely be affected.

“We expect this rule change to be approximately halfway or one third … less performance,” the former Ferrari chief designer told reporters. “So we expect to lose about one-and-a-half seconds maybe. But it’s a bit difficult to predict exactly the amount of development the teams will put on.”

The FIA this month announced modifications to the front and rear wings and front brake ducts for next season to make it easier for cars to follow each other and increase overtaking.

The measures followed research carried out by most teams and backed by commercial rights holders Liberty Media.

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