Ricciardo: If that was me on the last lap I was going for it

Daniel Ricciardo

Many believe that Valtteri Bottas did not do enough to try and steal victory on the final lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix, his final attack of eventual race winner Sebastian Vettel was feeble and ace overtaker Daniel Ricciardo said he would have had a proper go at the lead given the same circumstances.

Speaking to Sky Sports in Shanghai ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix weekend, “If that was me on the last lap you can bet everything that I was going for it.”

“I definitely would have sent it, 100 percent. I would have gone. There’s a gap, you’re finishing second anyway if you overshoot you’re finishing second. Last lap, for the win, you have to go. You have to go. Take them both out [if it goes wrong].”

“How the race would have gone, I don’t know. I don’t want to say I would have won, but if that was me on the last lap you can bet everything that I was going for it,” insisted Ricciardo.

Bottas, who finished second on the day, has no regrets, “I have reviewed everything and if I could relive the situation again, I wouldn’t do anything differently.”

“Afterwards and from the outside, it is easy to say: You should have done this, you should have done that. We analysed all the scenarios and it is nearly impossible to say what would have been the best.”

“From each race, there is always something you can do better and probably in the middle stint we could have tried to pressurise Sebastian a bit more because we had a decent pace. But what would have happened in the end with the tyres, that is a question mark,” added Bottas.

Big Question: Could or should Valtteri have attacked Seb with more conviction?