Ferrari fans

Brown: Ferrari and Liberty confrontation is inevitable

Ferrari fans

Ferrari big boss Sergio Marchionne has made it clear where he stands regarding the future of Formula 1, his views seen as a taunt to the sport’s American owners Liberty Media as knives are sharpened for the battle to carve the way forward for the sport.

Marchionne has referred to F1 motorsport chief Ross Brawn as Moses dishing out the commandments and warning Liberty Media not to deviate from the ethos of what Formula 1 is and should be going forward. Needless to say, their respective road-maps appear to differ and animosity between the parties is mounting.

McLaren chief Zak Brown is not surprised, “A confrontation between Ferrari and Liberty is inevitable. Ferrari wants to protect the money they receive because they earn a substantial proportion of the amount.”

“We all recognise Ferrari as a team has added more value to the sport than any other and should be awarded accordingly, but I think it is very unbalanced. Liberty only wants and has to do the best for the sport.”

While the Formula 1 world waits for a vision of sorts for 2021 and beyond, Liberty are doing it their way and to their own agenda, which Brown relates to, “I know from my McLaren experience, I’m on top of things now, but it takes you a year minimum to get on top of things and it’s the same for them.

“F1 is a fast-moving, impatient and unforgiving sport but the teams can’t rely solely on Liberty and F1 to solve all the problems. Yes, there are several challenges but the key is to turn these into opportunities,” concluded Brown.

Liberty Media reportedly distributed a comprehensive blueprint for the sport in December to the main stakeholders. Details are sketchy but it appears Ferrari were not happy with a raft of issues which has since sparked the possibility of a F1 ‘civil war’ of sorts.