2017 Team of the Year: Mercedes

Mercedes has emerged as the 2017 Team of the Year as voted by Grand Prix 247 readers, and it is no surprise because the World Champion team enjoyed another dominant season, seeing off the concerted challenge by Ferrari and eventually winning the two championships with relative ease.

Arguably, matched by Ferrari in the first half of the season the Silver Arrows then ramped up the ante and steamrollered to both titles – making it eight titles in four years – one of the most dominant spells by a team in the history of the sport.

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas worked well together, relieving team chief Toto Wolff of the fractious tensions that prevailed in previous years. Our readers gave the Silver Arrows a resounding 54% of the votes for their efforts.

Wolff was always good for a quote and the fact that his team and star driver won the title, despite an early challenge speaks volumes for his management style and leadership.

Force India were next best according to our readers and for obvious reasons. Working with a fraction of the budget available to most of their rivals, they boxed well above their weight and claimed fourth in the constructors’ championship, while enduring a mini-civil war between their drivers Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon.

Ferrari were voted third best by our readers. The first half of the season was mega for the Reds, but after the summer break they imploded and no doubt that impacted their year-end scorecard.

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2017 Awards Notes: The Grand Prix 247 Awards were determined by reader polls which began on 2 December and ran until 8 December. An average of 3000 votes were cast per category, around 42,000 votes were cast in total. Thank you to those who participated.

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