Luca Di Montezemolo

Montezemolo: Sport is not an exact science

Luca Di Montezemolo

Since he was deposed as Ferrari chief in 2014, Luca di Montezemolo has enjoyed watching Formula 1 from the sidelines and was quick to praise Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel for their victory at the Brazilian but warned that sport is not an exact science… a clear dig clear at the team’s current president Sergio Marchionne.

Montezemolo told Radio Capital, “I enjoyed the victory of Ferrari and an extraordinary Hamilton who would have won if he had started on the front row. It was a beautiful, fun race.”

In a dig at Marchionne, who has often berated his team for under performing while pushing unrealistic expectations, the former Ferrari boss added, “Sport is not an exact science like certain things in finance or the economy: talking is easy, winning is difficult. That said, Ferrari had a good season but unfortunately did not win the championship.”

“I was lucky enough to win 19 drivers’ and constructors’ Formula 1 world championships, but I was also there many times when we lost in the last race. I think Ferrari’s goal for next year will be to fight for the title until the very last race.”

“I look at the fact that unfortunately Ferrari did not win this year and we have not won [F1 titles] for a very long time. But it was a season in which, at least until the eve of the Italian Grand Prix, Ferrari were leading the championship and that’s a good thing,” added Montezemolo.