Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and why everybody talking about him?

Lewis Hamilton

Whether you are an F1 fan or not, these days the name of Lewis Hamilton is simply on everybody’s lips. Why is that?

That is because not only did Hamilton win his 4th F1 championship, but he is in the greatest shape ever.

After the disappointment that Sebastian Vettel provided toward the end of the Grand Prix on Sunday, the world’s biggest tournament of F1 found its winner in Lewis Hamilton. Winning his 4th title makes him the first quadruple champion representing Great Britain, reflecting his hard work and amazing performances over the time.

The fact that it is the 4th time Hamilton wins the Grand Prix is only one more proof of the undoubtable skills of the British champion and the amazing team who has supported him throughout his career.

Even though Lewis Hamilton is more than used to being among the top finishing racers in such Grand Prix tournaments, it is still a great victory to be celebrated and cherished by him and his fans all over the world.

Even though the victory might have seemed predictable for race lovers across the world, Hamilton had also some obstacles to surpass in his fight for victory. These consisted mainly of collisions with Vettel, who, ambitious as well, caused substantial damages to Hamilton’s rear tire.

What is it that we don’t know yet about Lewis Hamilton?

F1 is a sport where having the perfect mindset is extremely important, almost as exciting as starspins reviews. Being a racer implies not only being able to keep your focus on the now since every second’s success relies on the actions you are performing in that exact second.

Also, being able to be detached but focused at the same time, and not allowing yourself to be affected by what happened the day before, contribute to a great extent to a racer’s success, measurable with uk online slots.

In this career, it can happen that a racer has a whole season of bad performances and luck, so it is important for him to be able to keep his spirit and get up to fight for the next victory. However, being such an intricate sport with such a great psychology makes the people who are practising it develop complex personalities and have interesting advice to share on this.

Let’s see a very small part of Lewis Hamilton’s less known personality facets:

  1. In 1991, at the age of 6, he participated in a race of cars controlled by a remote and he came second. This was the earliest sign that Hamilton would be a top racer.

  2. Hamilton is known to have done multiple acts of kindness, donating money to numerous charities or putting his cars on sale and donating the money to a charity taking care of babies.

  3. Besides racing, his other favourite sports are football and cricket.

  4. The first F1 he won at the Canadian Grand Prix was won during the champion’s sixth race.

  5. In 2014, his father painted his helmet white with red stripes, to revive the times of early karting of the racer.


As we can see, Lewis Hamilton has decided to give a whole new shape to success and excellence, so there is no doubt that we will keep seeing him competing and winning. Racers like Lewis Hamilton are proving that F1 is a sport that deserves recognition.