Accolades pour in for Hamilton

On the occasion of claiming his fourth Formula 1 World Championship title, Lewis Hamilton was inundated by congratulatory messages from within his own team and beyond, from drivers to supermodels.

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Here are a selection of the accolades sent to the 207 Formula 1 World Champion:

Sebastian Vettel: “It’s Lewis’s day. He was crowned world champion and he deserves that,” he told television reporters in the post-race pen. Overall he was the better man and did the better job, simple as that.”

Valterri Bottas: “It’s great. I think Lewis is definitely one of the best drivers ever, and I think the best qualifier ever in Formula 1. He’s willing to work as a team and he’s not hiding anything and we can work well together. So for me, it’s perfect.”

James Allison: “This is the most exciting and difficult year in many, many years and Lewis has driven it to perfection. It would be very hard to put him anywhere other than at the top because he is a class act.”

Toto Wolff: “I saw Lewis in the back [of the garage]. I rarely hug half-naked, sweaty men but it was still a good feeling. It’s ultimate happiness.”

Damon Hill: “It’s tremendous and it’s a measure of how much passion there is that goes into an entire the season. You could see as he crossed the line, the emotion and relief, his head in his hands. You feel it as a driver, the tension throughout the race was palpable. He can now let it all out and show his satisfaction. He obviously had a hampered car.”

Christian Horner: “Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton. Four times a world champion and the most successful British driver of all time. Hats off to that. He’s had a brilliant season.”

Niki Lauda: “Lewis this year was able to improve a lot. If you want to be a multiple world champion you have to get better and better and better and from last year to this year he got much better. An incredible step forward, a difficult car to drive and not so quick as last year but he really made it through his performance.”

Neymar: “I’m happy for you bro, for four championships. Winner!”

Sergio Perez: “Lewis is a legend, a great ambassador for the sport. He is the best driver and I’m happy for him because he deserves all the success.”


@lewishamilton Legend!!!!! Well done bro…!! #lewishamilton #legend

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Big congratulations to @LewisHamilton on his fourth World Championship win.

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