Zak Brown

Brown: What if we’ve made the wrong decision?

Zak Brown

Much has been written about McLaren’s decision to ditch Honda for customer Renault engines starting at in 2018, the decision has split fans with some applauding the decision while others have wondered if it was the correct call – and they are not alone because Zak Brown has asked the same question.

Speaking to Racer, Brown said, “I think any time you make a decision, you always have an element of: What if we’ve made the wrong one?”

“I think you’ve got to do all your homework, do your due diligence and this was a group decision that didn’t come slowly or easily, so we have made it now.”

It’s been a torrid three years for McLaren in Formula 1, this year the worst of all for the illustrious team.

Another decision that also sparked debate was allowing Fernando Alonso to compete at this year’s edition of the Indianapolis 500.

Brown recalled, “Like Indianapolis – there were some who said: What if Fernando hurts himself, what if you miss a big trick at Monaco?”

“Fortunately he drove perfectly and didn’t hurt himself and Jenson [Button] started from pit lane, which would have been Fernando, so I think you’ve got to look forward and not back.”

“Obviously if [Honda] come out and start winning races next year and we don’t, then we’d look a bit silly, but I think you’ve got to take your decision and stand by your decision and accept whatever results come your way.”

Brown also explained that his team did all in their power to maximise the partnership with Honda, “We tried everything we could. The relationship, contrary to what you might think or in some instances has been reported, has been very healthy.”

“They are as frustrated and disappointed as we are, there has never been any finger pointing or yelling and shouting. It just didn’t work and I think they’d be the first to acknowledge that. The relationship remains healthy.”

“We are doing a team barbecue in Japan as we always do, so it’s business as usual and there are no hard feelings. They gave it a go, they put a lot of money into it and we’re just glad they are staying in the sport,” added Brown.

Big Question: Have McLaren made the wrong decision?