Formula 1 to allow demo events with current cars

Formula 1 has adjusted its sporting regulations so that teams can run current cars at demonstration events organised by new owners Liberty Media.

The change concerning the use of cars outside of a grand prix event and official test sessions allows teams to take part in “demonstration events organised by the commercial rights holder.”

The sport’s governing body FIA published the updated regulations on its website after a meeting of its World Motor Sport Council in Paris on Thursday.

Teams were previously allowed only two limited mileage demonstration days — often used by teams celebrating their title success with staff, fans and sponsors — using current cars between the last race of the season and end of that year.

They can also carry out two filming days, using special tyres and not exceeding 100km, for promotional and marketing purposes.

Any other events must use older cars.

The restrictions meant that not all teams could take part in a London Live event organised by Liberty before the British Grand Prix in July.

The newest cars that could be used at that free demonstration, aimed at promoting the sport as a whole, were from 2015 with some teams such as McLaren opting to use much older ones.

Force India and Haas, the U.S.-owned outfit who are in only their second season, did not take part because they had none available under the rules.

The central London event, with the cars running at reduced speeds but performing smoky spins with engines revving, was deemed a success and Formula One bosses want to repeat the format.

“We’re going to see more of these events, I think in London and around the world,” commercial managing director Sean Bratches said at the time.