Webber: Sometimes Seb forgets where the back of his car is!

Mark Webber knows a thing or two about Sebastian Vettel as the pair were teammates for several years at Red Bull and had their fair share of close encounters, now in the wake of the Singapore start collision the straight talking Aussie agrees that no one was to blame for the incident but also believes that the German tends to forget how long his car is.

Speaking on Channel 4, for whom he is a pundit, Webber gave his opinion on the crash that eliminated Vettel, his Ferrari teammate Kimi Raikkonen and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, “I think sometimes Seb forgets where the back of his car is! There’s a bit more he’s got to get through. There it is… straight across. And look there, again, who’s behind us! Lewis is watching it all unfold again.”

Webber took issue with the fact that the trio were summoned after the race for a meeting with the FIA stewards, “It’s a joke. It’s done. Seb’s leaving here in pieces. Ferrari’s got no points. Max’s has got no points. All of them have been wiped out.”

“I just get frustrated because we’ve had a car race, we’ve left the track, these boys are in the barriers, they’re massively frustrated, they’re burning inside. Then they’ve got to sit and listen to some guy say: well, you know, I’ve got a slo-mo, we’ve gotta do this, we’ve gotta do this. It’s not real,” fumed Webber.

He added, “There’s absolutely no way that Sebastian knew Kimi made such a fantastic start, so he’s now focusing on Max. Kimi’s made the best start out of all of them and then there’s an absolutely shocking timing of events where they just run into each other.”

“Max Verstappen, totally innocent, absolutely innocent. Seb did try to protect heavily to the left. Kimi got the biggest penalty ever for a great start. It just destroyed the race.”

In the end it was a mighty blow for Ferrari’s championship ambitions as Vettel leaves Singapore 28 points adrift of Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton in the title race with six rounds to go.

Big Question: Did the race stewards in Singapore need to speak with Kimi, Seb and Max after the race?