Chase Carey

Carey: Honda seem committed to the future

Chase Carey

Three years down the road, since their return to Formula 1, Honda are amid a well documented bad spell which has led to fears that the Japanese giant will pull the plug and depart, but the sport’s chief Chase Carey is confident that this is not the case.

Speaking at the All That Matters conference ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend, Carey said, “Honda is a very important partner. I’ve had meetings with Honda executives around Monza. They seemed excited about where we’re going with the sport.”

He spoke as a major announcement looms, whereby McLaren and Honda will confirm that they are parting ways after three fruitless and frustrating years.

This is likely to trigger another announcement, namely that Honda will power Red Bull owned Toro Rosso from 2018 and beyond. But there has been speculation that the Japanese auto giant may quit F1.

Carey believes that the latter is not the case, “I’m not going to speak for Honda. All I can say is, for us they seem committed to the future, seem excited by the future, seem excited about where we’re going with the sport.”

The balance between technology and entertainment has been a key concern as the sport heads to the future with Liberty Media as the new owners.

The current engine formula, admittedly ingenious works of engineering, has failed in terms of being cost effective and as a result only two or three teams have any hope of winning, while the ‘wow factor’ of noise and other elements has done little to inspire fans.

Carey acknowledged, “Technology is an important part of it but you don’t want it to be a sport about engineering first and foremost. You want it to be a sport about drivers and great competition that utilises state-of-the-art competition.”

Big Question: Does Formula 1 need Honda to say?