Pirelli preview the Belgian Grand Prix 

Pirelli will bring the P Zero Purple ultrasoft tyres for the first time to Spa-Francorchamps, together with the P Zero Red supersoft and P Zero Yellow soft.

These are the three softest tyres in the range, selected together for the sixth time so far this year. But one famous variable in Spa is the weather, so there’s also a strong chance of seeing the Cinturato Green intermediate or Cinturato Blue full wet at some point during the weekend.

Spa is a favourite of nearly all the drivers, incorporating classic corners such as Eau Rouge and Pouhon that make it a real rollercoaster ride, as well as a true test of bravery.

The circuit from a tyre point of view:

  • Longest circuit of the year at 7.004 kilometres.
  • Geographical layout means it can be raining on one part of the track but dry on another.
  • Elevation changes and compressions generate forces on tyres from all directions.
  • Compromise set-up needed to provide downforce in corners but not too much drag.
  • High speeds and big corners place significant energy loads through the tyres.
  • Overtaking is very possible at Spa, opening the door to a variety of different strategies.

The teams have nominated all three available compounds in their choices rather than concentrating on the softer tyres.

Mario Isola, Head Of Car Racing: “Pirelli was racing at Spa for the 24 Hours last month, which showcased everything this circuit is famous for: changeable weather, unpredictable competition, and heavy demands on the tyres. Now that we are bringing the ultrasoft tyre there for Formula 1, we would expect those demands to increase further with the latest generation of cars: two stops would appear to be a likely strategy but we will know more after the first free practice sessions. Working out the optimal race strategy is especially tricky at Spa as it has to be flexible: the possibility of rain, safety cars, or even a red flag – as we saw last year – means that teams often have to react to changing circumstances rather than follow a fixed plan”.