Verstappen: It will be quite tough for us

Red Bull revealed recently that windtunnel correlation problems have hampered the Adrian Newey penned RB13, and as a result the energy drinks outfit are lagging behind the pace setters.

However as diplomatic as they try to be, the facts are that the Renault power unit is not up to the level of Mercedes and Ferrari. Thus Max Verstappen believes that the energy drinks outfit will be compromised at tracks where speed is important.

Speaking ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, the Dutch teenager said, “For us, on tracks with not too many straights I think we are reasonably close, so I think around three-tenths, more or less. But then of course when you get a few straights in the track I think we’re a bit further away.”

“I don’t know what to expect for the upcoming races but of course it will be quite tough for us to really compete against them. I expect in Spa Mercedes will be again very strong because in general their power unit is still the best in the whole field, but it’s very close [with Ferrari].”

Renault have made no secret that their policy this year is to develop their engine race-by-race as opposed to big updates on a regular basis, a factor that Verstappen and Red Bull have no control over.

“We’ll keep developing, but the other teams do. We have to make sure that we do it a little faster and of course better. I think from the engine side there is not much coming compared to the other teams where there is still development on both sides [chassis and engine].

“So we have to make sure our car is definitely going in the right direction,” added the 19 year old who has had five DNFs in eleven starts, and has only been on the podium once so far this season. He is fifth in the world championship standings.

Big Question: Have Renault let down Red Bull?

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