Mid-Season Recap: Ferrari remarkable turnaround

Second in the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship constructors’ standings with 318 points, after 11 of the 20 rounds, is the resurgent Scuderia Ferrari.

Undoubtedly their most competitive season of the decade, the team has taken the fight to world champions Mercedes for the first time since the latter began their reign at the top.

Through Sebastian Vettel the Scuderia has four wins, including last time out in Hungary and with a reachable 49-point deficit to Mercedes, should be right in the championship hunt for the second half of the season.

Driver Ratings

Sebastian Vettel

Having endured a disappointing 2016, 2017 has been nothing short of brilliant for the driver’s championship leader. Despite having a car that isn’t quite as fast as the Mercedes, Vettel has often managed to drive a wedge between their drivers – if not out-place them both – in both qualy and races, extracting the maximum from the SF70H on almost every occasion. Whether he can hold onto his championship lead remains to be seen – and certainly the development race will play its part in that – but no one can deny his individual brilliance.

Rating: 9.5/10

Kimi Raikkonen

There’s two ways to judge Raikkonen’s performance in 2017: 1. Individually as a racer, or 2. As Ferrari’s number two driver – certainly he’s been more adept as the latter than the former. It’s a harsh truth for his legions of fans that the Finn simply isn’t the force he once was, and Ferrari’s decision to keep Sebastian Vettel ahead at the Hungarian GP was proof he’s playing second fiddle. Is it still possible he’ll return to the top-step of the podium? Of course, but it’s clearly not the team’s preference and that might seem him forced to take a few more lumps as Vettel continues his push for the championship.

Rating: 6/10

Team Rating

Essentially an afterthought in 2016, this year has been a remarkable turnaround for the Scuderia. Both on the aerodynamic and power unit fronts, they’ve made tremendous gains, and they possess a car that while not the outright fastest, remains a legitimate contender week-in-week-out, with a distinct advantage managing their tyres in difficult conditions.

That said, their feel-good first half will mean far less should they fail to keep up with Mercedes in the development race, and that already looks like a distinct possibility. Certainly deserving of a high grade now, but with a championship in reach that could change should they falter before year’s end.

Rating: 9/10

Big Question. How do you rate Ferrari’s season so far?